Bulk handling equipment

Bulk handling
systems and equipment

FAMAK SA is a global supplier of loading systems with over 70 years of experience. We deliver orders for businesses from multiple industries.

Bulk handling equipment

Stackers, reclaimers, stacker-reclaimers

Stackers are intended for stacking material which is transported by yard conveyor running along a storage. Reclaimers are used for reclaiming material from storage and placing it on yard conveyor running along the storage yard.

Crawler excavators

Excavators are self-propelled devices designed to take bulk material from the storage location and transfer it to the receiving machinery.

Wagon tipplers

Tipplers are used in systems for unloading and storing bulk material delivered by rail cars. Rail car unloading consists in rotation of the car together with the rotating part of the tippler around the axis parallel to the longitudinal axis of the track, so that the car content gravitationally drops to the tank located under the tippler.

Paddle feeders

Paddle feeders are designed to discharge of loose material by continuous movement from underneath of slotted hoppers/chutes onto the cooperating belt conveyor. Discharging capacity is changing smoothly by adjusting the speed and penetration depth of the paddle wheel. Discharging from the slot of the hopper/chute is carried out by driving in both directions along the hopper.

Belt conveyors

Our conveyors used for transport of loose materials belong to the group of pull conveyors in which the material carrying element is moved by means of a pulling element, i.e. a belt or chain.

We offer the following types of conveyors:

  • belt conveyors
  • scraper conveyors
  • bucket conveyors

Roller screens

Equipment for the separation of oversize (caked) load fractions and contaminants.

  • working in explosive atmospheres,
  • interlocked operation with a sequence of interfacing conveyors,
  • guaranteed load granulation from the rollers of the screen – max. 50 mm,
  • screen design with cased inlet and outlet openings with flanges,
  • dust-free design,
  • transfer station elements made of wear-resistant material or lining wear-resistant material (according to individual client requirements),
  • power supply to each roller with an individual electric drive, forced backward rolls motion,
  • design adapted to the installation of the dust reduction system,
  • supplied with the PLC programmed by the manufacturer.


Double-drum crushers with lining (breaking elements) selected individually for the type of load. We design two-stage crushing systems equipped with preliminary and main breakers

Systems for the verification of conveyor belt weighers

  • traditionally based on belt flattening tables and discharge ploughs as well as tanks placed on a weighbridge,
  • universal systems enabling the verification of conveyor belt weighers, built on multiple different transport routes,
  • autonomous system equipped with a loading system for the weighing hopper (spiral conveyors), a hopper with a reference weighing bridge and a belt conveyor for picking up the load from the hopper