Hoisting equipment


Crane equipment produced by FAMAK SA is characterised by very high durability and reliability, which makes it applicable in many industrial sectors. The company specialises in custom overhead cranes requiring individual engineering solutions, where solutions based on typical designs and hoists do not pass the operating test due to severe conditions resulting from the equipment operating regime as well as environmental conditions.

Hoisting equipment

Overhead travelling cranes, gantry cranes and quay cranes

We specialize in the delivery of custom overhead travelling cranes, gantry cranes and quay cranes to individual client requirements. We design and manufacture quay gantry cranes. They form basic loading equipment in port or inland waterway transfer/unloading facilities. They are characterised by different reach towards the land and towards the water, as well as different load lifting heights and lowering depths.

Jib type cranes

We offer hook-and-grab jib cranes with four articulated sections. Grab cranes are used for handling bulk goods in seaports, river ports and open storage facilities. Hook cranes find their main use in shipyards.