Machinery and equipment for surface minning

Machinery and equipment for open-pit mining

FAMAK SA is a globally recognised supplier of machinery and equipment for surface mining.

Machinery and equipment for surface minning

Bucket wheel and chain-and-bucket excavators

These excavators are marked by a continuous digging process and come with many digging parts: scoops, which are located on a chain or a wheel. Versatility of applications and work flexibility are among the biggest advantages of these machines. Due to their high excavation power, they are in mines where not only coal but also medium-compact rock such as shale, hard loams, soft limestone, or metal ores are mined.


Stackers are self-propelled (crawler) devices designed to work with one or more conveyors.

Tracked transporters

Crawler transporters are used to transport belt conveyor drive stations in open pit mines. Transporters are by default adapted to transport stations working in conveyor systems B1600, B1800, B2250, B2400. These are one of the most modern machines designed to work in open pit mines. They significantly speed up the work, e.g. shortening the time of transporting the conveyor stations from the assembly site to the pit, as well as facilitating work related to moving the stations during the operation of the conveyor system.

PGOT self-propelled tracked conveyors

The technological capabilities of excavators depend to a large extent on the length of the loading boom. The use of a self-propelled conveyor as an accompanying machine for a single-unit excavator dramatically improves the technological capabilities of the entire system, increasing the vertical and horizontal reach and reducing the number of horizontal conveyor shifts.