Maintenance and services

Maintenance and services

Maintenance and service

Competent and experienced FAMAK SA service team offers a full range of maintenance and modernisation services, handling, transport and crane machines and equipment.

  • we provide repair and modernisation of equipment in the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and control and measurement systems,
  • we take care of the maintenance of the equipment according to the recommendations of the technical and operational documentation, minimizing potential downtime of the equipment caused by failure,
  • we plan repairs and set directions for the modernisation of equipment, adapting it to the needs and financial capabilities of our client,
  • we specialise in the maintenance, repair and modernisation of hydraulic systems. We have specialised equipment that enables us to determine the technical condition of these systems. We support the client from the design stage to the system start-up.
  • we perform inspections of devices under the supervision of competent Polish inspection authorities:
  • we prepare equipment for ad-hoc inspections
  • we prepare machine service life reports

Many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and servicing the equipment, guarantees comprehensive, reliable and professional technical opinions regarding the equipment.


The opinions offer includes:

  • for equipment steel structures:
    • determination of the degree of paint film degradation
    • welding and screw connections condition evaluation
    • measurement of thickness of steel elements and determination of the degree of corrosion loss
    • measurements of structural geometry
  • for mechanisms:
    • checking the correct operation of mechanisms (drives, moving parts)
    • determination of the degree of wear of drive train components
  • for hydraulic systems:
    • measurements of operational parameters of the hydraulic system:
      • Determining the wear of pumps and motors by measuring pressure and performance,
      • determination of hydraulic oil parameters: purity class, physical and chemical properties of the oil,
      • internal leakage diagnostics.
  • for electrical equipment:
    • assessment of the condition of the electrical installation documented by electrical measurements:
      • electrical wires
      • motors
      • electrical devices
    • checking the correct operation of safety switches and the entire I&C system, including systems based on and on PLCs


As a result of the inspections and measurements, the client receives:

  • a detailed description of the current condition of the inspected machinery
  • conclusions and recommendations for further operation
  • repair or upgrade proposal
  • repair documentation