Healthy, safety and environmental protection

Health, safety and environmental protection

FAMUR FAMAK SA treats the protection of the health of its employees as an absolute priority of its activity – by providing them with safe working conditions and decent social and living conditions with respect for the environment while performing tasks resulting from the business profile of the company.

We aim to increase employee awareness of occupational safety, health and environmental protection by presenting the goals and risks of the process and motivating them to self-improvement and qualification during training.

In its activities, FAMUR FAMAK SA supports the safety, health and environmental management system and provides the necessary financial, legal and personnel resources to achieve the objectives of this policy.

We conduct our business activity in accordance with the applicable regulations
and other legal requirements, including environmental protection standards and internal regulations.

Appropriate technological standards are implemented as part of the continuous improvement of our efforts to protect and improve the environment and prevent pollution.

Within the framework of reducing the negative impact on the environment, activities are carried out with respect to water and sewage management, air emissions, reduction of the amount of waste generated and its most effective utilisation, rational and economical use of raw materials, fuels, power and heat.

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