Integrated management policy

Integrated Management System Policy

The primary business objective of famur famak sa is to obtain a repeatable and positive financial result by providing products and services of a quality that meets the expectations of its customers, to maintain the reputation of a trustworthy partner in full compliance with environmental protection regulations and work safety conditions.

We want to achieve our goal by improving the quality management system in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 through:

  • ongoing contact with the clients, to learn about their requirements,
  • establishing mutually beneficial relationships with partners,
  • responsibility of each employee for the quality of their job,
  • cooperation with all material and service providers to ensure high quality standards are maintained throughout the supply chain,
  • increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of processes in terms of added value, so as to meet client requirements while reducing costs,
  • applying a risk-based approach to company management.

Ensuring effective functioning of the environmental management system in accordance with PN-EN ISO 14001:2015 through:

  • raising environmental awareness among employees and partners
  • reducing environmental impact by:
    • reducing atmospheric emissions,
    • rational waste management,
    • reducing power and water consumption.

Ensuring effective functioning of the health and safety management system in accordance with PN-N 18001 through:

  • striving for continuous improvement of health and safety conditions at work,
  • regular occupational health and safety assessment,
  • providing adequate resources and means,
  • raising employee qualifications and awareness as well as motivating them to engage in health and safety activities.

Consistently developing an integrated management system through:

  • top management commitment to maintain, review and improve the system,
  • broad participation of employees in system improvement,
  • taking care of the working environment, motivating employees to develop and improve their professional qualifications,
  • providing stakeholders with reliable information regarding company activities,
  • building a quality-driven corporate culture.

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