Production capacities

Production capacity

The machinery resources of the FAMAK Group make it possible to implement many technological processes.


Manual shielded metal arc welding of:

  • S235, S355 steel
  • acid- and heat-resistant materials
  • carbon and alloy steels for machine elements


Semi-automatic metal active gas welding of:

  • S235, S355 and NVE36 steel
  • WELDOX420, S420G2+M, S420G2+Q, P460NL1, S690QL steel
  • acid-resistant and heat-resistant stainless steels: Cr-Ni, Cr-Ni-Mo steels


Automatic submerged arc welding of:

  • S235, S355 and NVE36 steel
  • S420G2+M, S460N, S460ML, P460NL1 steel

Semi-automatic flux-cored arc welding of S235, S355 steel.

Tungsten inert gas welding of:

  • S235, S355 steel
  • aluminum
  • acid- and heat-resistant steels


Hardfacing using

  • manual shielded metal arc welding
  • semi-automatic metal active gas welding
  • semi-automatic flux-cored arc welding.


Our welders are qualified in accordance with the PN EN ISO 9606-1 standard that allows technical equipment accepted by the Technical Supervision Office, Transport Technical Supervision or classification societies to be welded.We offer robotic welding for repetitive elements. The maximum values of elements welded by robots are: weight of up to 50 000 kg, length of up to 20 000 mm, width of up to 4 000 mm, height of up to 4 000 mm.

Machining and assembly works

  • assembly
  • tack welding
  • assembly of steel structures

Cutting, bending, stamping, and calibration of sheet metal parts.

The FAMAK Group provides the following services:

  • Gas cutting (manual, semi-automatic, automatic). Cutting thickness of carbon steel, low-alloy steel 3 ÷ 300 mm, cutting diameter of wheels from 100 mm to the sheet format. For automatic gas cutting, we offer cutting of normal and high-quality steel. Working table 3.5 m x 12.5 m x 2.
  • Automatic plasma cutting (working table 3 m x 24 m, cutting thickness of sheets 1 ÷ 25 mm).
  • Bending, stamping, and punching using an eccentric press, press brake (600 t, max. L 8000 mm), horizontal press, sheet rolling machine (max. ø800 mm and L 3200), profile rolling machine.

Cleaning the surface before production.

Before shot blasting the surface is cleaned using a semi-automatic process line, airless shot-blasting machine, and turbine shot-blasting machine. The maximum dimensions of sheets to be cleaned are 7000 mm x 6000 mm x 17,900 mm.

Shot blasting of steel structures.

Structures are shot blasted in special shot-blasting chambers by SCHLICK.

  • Working chamber dimensions: / B x H x L / 8.0 m x 6.0 m x 25 m.
  • Door opening: / B x H / 6.0 m x 6.0 m, Q=40T
  • Maximum dimensions of the structure to be cleaned: width 5.8 m x height 5 m. x length 44 m.

Painting and drying of steel structures.

Steel structures are painted and dried in special painting and drying booths by ZUGIL.

  • Working chamber dimensions: /B x H x L/ 8.4 m x 7.0 m x 27 m.
  • Door opening: / B x H/ 6.0 m x 6.5 m, Q = 25 T/axis.
  • Maximum dimensions of the structure to be painted: width 5.8 m x height 5.88 m x length 27 m.

Thermochemical treatment.

Thermochemical treatment is provided with the use of electric chamber furnaces (dimensions of the working chamber: /B x H x L 1.1 m x 0.7 m x 3.2 m), nitriding furnaces, carbonisation furnaces, universal feeders for induction hardening (gears module 5 to 37 – up to ø4,900 mm, rollers up to ø160 and L 1,900 mm) as well as sorbitisation services.


Machining is carried out with the use of heavy, medium and light claw lathes, numerically controlled lathes, carousel lathes, bench and plate drilling and milling machines, radial and jig drilling machines, vertical and tool milling machines, shaft, hole and planing grinders.

  •  turning on claw lathes up to ø 1600 and L 6000 mm
  •  machining on a CNC lathe and milling machine up to ø320 and L 1000 mm
  •  machining on a CNC bench drilling and milling machine; working area 2500 mm x 1800 mm x 2000 mm Q = 12 000 kg
  • machining on a CNC plate drilling and milling machine; working area 4800 mm x 9000 mm x 4750 mm
  •  machining on a plate drilling and milling machine; working area 4000 mm x 18000 mm x 5000 mm
  • milling on vertical and horizontal milling machines; working area 1600 mm x 1250 mm x 400 mm Q= 1500 kg
  • cutting on saws: up to ø440 mm and L 12000 mm
  • slotting on a slotting machine: table ø800 mm , max stroke 420 mm
  • shaft grinding: up to ø350 mm and L 1240 mm
  • hole grinding: up to ø160 mm and L 160
  • surface planing grinding: work area 300 mm x 1000 mm x 450 mm
  • milling on a hobbing machine: up to ø800, module 1-14
  • slotting on a Fellows cutter: up to ø500 mm