FAMUR FAMAK operates according to the principles of sustainable development and responsible business activity.

They drive our business forward. In practice, this means open and transparent rules, respect for employees, contractors and local communities.

Social environment

Akcje społeczne

Social campaigns

At FAMUR FAMAK, we attach great importance to dialogue with the local community and involvement in projects for its benefit. We feel obliged to consciously shape optimal conditions for social and economic development – wherever we invest. We believe that business as a partner of the society should develop together with its environment, not at its expense.

We support nationwide charity projects, such as Szlachetna Paczka and WOŚP. We are also involved in a number of local initiatives. Examples include the registration of potential bone marrow and stem cell donors or organizing a blood collection effort.

Współpraca ze szkołami i uczelniami

Cooperation with schools and universities

The youth are our future, therefore FAMUR FAMAK actively supports personal development and education.

We are the patron of the electrical vocational programme in CKU the Secondary School Complex no. 2 in Kluczbork.

We also know the importance of practice. Our plant often hosts students who can get familiar with production technologies and the speficifcs of work.

Environmental protection

Broadly understood care for the environment is deeply inscribed in the philosophy of FAMUR FAMAK. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment and create environmentally friendly technologies. In all out activity, we are guided by the underlying principles of environmental protection.

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Ochrona środowiska


We strive to create a rewarding working environment, taking into account the diversity of our employees. We believe that their satisfaction will translate into the success of our organization.

Within the TDJ Capital Group, we follow common values for building our community.

Our values


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The idea behind TDJ Foundation is to provide support for the children of the employees of TDJ – with which FAMUR FAMAK SA is affiliated. The main investment is in education, to create the best possible growth opportunities for the future generations.

More information: https://tdj.pl/en/foundation/

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