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Coal supply and slag removal system for Opole Power Plant


PGE GiEK Opole Power Plant


Coal supply and slag removal system for units 5 and 6 of the Opole Power Plant together with a multi-industry construction project and auxiliary installations

Coal supply system - GE/PGE

  • radiant rail car thawing system
  • stacker-reclaimers,
  • car tipplers,
  • paddle feeders,
  • conveyor systems,
  • belt weighers, verification systems, discharge ploughs, sampling stations
  • próbobiernie,
  • contamination detectors, on-line
  • calorific value analyser, electromagnetic separators
  • gantry cranes

Slag removal system:

  • conveyor systems,
  • slag crushing system,
  • portal loader,
  • lorry loading system


Opole, Poland



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